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Hello Everyone,

I have just submitted two books. "Tropic of Fear" Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery No.14 and "To The Last Breath," by Carlton Stowers. I'll include a synopsis for both below. The Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery does not have that designation in the title field. I forgot to include that parenthetically when I submitted. Could whoever chooses to validate it please fix that in the final upload process, please. Sorry.

"To The Last Breath" is another true crime book, but not as disturbingly graphic as the last two true crime books that I submitted. I did not include a notation of adult content on this one. If the validator thinks that it should be marked as such, please feel free to change that.

And now for your validating pleasure. Both with spell check done, headers removed, all pertinent info present. Synopsis below.


"To The Last Breath"

Two-year-old Renee Goode was buried with a ribbon in her hair and surrounded by her beloved stuffed toys. Her death for unexplained medical reasons while spending the night at her father's house had decimated her estranged parents, Michael and Annette Goode, and her doting grandmother, Sharon Couch. Her grief-stricken grandmother, working part-time as a private investigator, refused to accept the medical verdict of death from natural causes. When a police investigator named Sue Dietrich a mother who had lost her own child to a rare viruscame across the Goode case, she asked to take it on. Enlisting the help of Assistant District Attorney Jeri Yenne, the grandmother and the detective battled the skepticism of Texas law-enforcement officials. Eight months later, Renee's tiny coffin was dug up from its resting place and her body exhumed to reveal the dark secret her grandmother had long suspected: Renee Goode had been murdered in cold blood by her own father.

"Tropic Of Fear"

From the publisher
Nancy, Frank and Joe team up again in an all-new adventure in this bestselling series. Greed and corruption have put a posh hotel at the eye of a gathering storm and the menace becomes real when Nancy discovers a murdered man. Meanwhile, the Hardys' investigation of a gang of art thieves leads them straight to the Grand Hawaiian Hotel--and to a terrifying connection between their case and Nancy's.

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