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I've just submitted A FULL HOUSE by Nadia Nichols, another Harlequin 
romance. The book jacket info is below, as is what I put in the comments 
field for the potential validator.
I've read this book completely through, so it is of excellent quality. There 
is some dialect used by the housekeeper from Copenhagen that might throw off 
a spell check. The copyright name is correct, so the validator may want to 
paste the copyright info into the comments field for the admin. This is a 
Harlequin book and some of theirs can be difficult to verify, besides the 
fact that the copyright isn't held by the author or the publisher, which 
might cause this book to be red-flagged.
Dr. Annie Crawford is hoping for a peaceful summer on an isolated farm in 
northern Maine. She's happy to escape her hectic New York life and to spend 
time getting to know her troubled teenage child. But the two are not alone 
for long. First comes Nelly-the puppy Annie's ex promised their daughter. 
Then comes Lily, the elderly owner of the farm, whose son wants her to stay 
in a nursing home. Lily wants nothing more than to return home. And finally 
Lieutenant Jake Macpherson-the cop who arrested Annie's daughter-shows up 
with his own little girl. Now Annie's got a full house...and a brand-new 
Julie Morales
Children are fragile. Handle with prayer. --Unknown 

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