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Hi, all. I just submitted THE UNKNOWN TWIN by Kathryn Shay, a Harlequin 
romance, if you like that kind of thing. It's of excellent quality. I read 
the book completely through and protected the chapter headings by inserting 
page numbers. The first page of each chapter wasn't numbered, so I added 
them to protect the headings. The book jacket info is below. Take care.
Lauren Conway almost didn't make it out alive. She owes her life to Alex 
Shields, the handsome firefighter who carried her from the burning office 
building. But when Lauren wakes up in a hospital bed, everyone-including her 
rescuer-assumes she's suffering from amnesia. They're convinced her real 
name is Dana. But Lauren knows she's not ill. What she doesn't know is who 
this mysterious woman is. And when she finds out, it will turn her life 
upside down.
Julie Morales
To be in your children's memories tomorrow, you need to be in their lives 
today. -- Unknown 

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