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Two more Bertrice Small books.  Synopses below.  My feminist self really has
trouble even reading enough of these books to get an idea if anything needs
rescanning.  I know they are period books and well-written in the historical
romance genre, but seriously.I would have been beheaded at a very early age
if I'd lived back then!  <smile>


Anyway, I have these books in my possession until they make it into the
collection, so please let me know if any pages need rescanning.  I'm happy
to do it and will just send the validators the rescanned pages to insert.  






A spectacular tale of erotic love, black

magic, and wicked delights from the New York Times bestselling author of The
Love Slave



As fierce and indomitable as any man, Isabelle of Langston rules the family
lands with an iron hand after her father's death. But the brazen beauty
meets her match in Hugh Fauconier, bold knight and rightful Saxon heir to
Langston Keep. By the King's hand, he is made her husband. Hugh's virile
prowess reveals to Belle the delicious pleasures of the flesh, as their
turbulent days of verbal sparring melt into nights of erotic abandon.

But a treacherous plot enslaves Hugh to the evil Vivienne d'Bretagne, a
sorceress whose sexual magic is as powerful as it is dark. Discovering the
castle lair where her husband is enchanted, Belle is caught and rendered
helpless by the twisted passion of Vivienne's brother, Guy. But not even her
captor's devious ecstasy can destroy her will to free her beloved Hugh. . .



Love Wild and Fair


Moonlit Gardens

She stood on the bedchamber balcony welcoming the soft night air on her
skin. Then she turned and saw him standing across the room, gazing longingly
at her. He held out his arms, and suddenly she was shy. His hand slowly
caressed her silken hair, and a tremor ran through her. "Tis been a long,
long time, my darling," he whispered.

Pleasures Yet Untasted

"Francis! Kiss me!" And she raised her head up.

For a moment he gazed lovingly at the face turned expectantly to him. His
slender fingers explored it, gently touching her cheeks, her closed eyelids,
her nose, her mouth. Then he bent, his arms circling her waist, pressing her
against him, his mouth tenderly touching hers.

Eternal Desire

Deep within her a flame of passion flickered, and she shuddered. He had
always made love to her with incredible gentleness, yet she felt tonight a
fierceness lurking beneath the calm. The mouth on hers suddenly became more
demanding. His hands caressed her long back, and she moaned softly, her body
beginning to tremble weakly against his....



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