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Hi, all.

I've just submitted Last Seen Leaving by Kelly Braffet for your validating 
pleasure. Headers have been removed, as have common scannos. Page breaks and 
chapter headings have been protected. If you have questions, contact:

Here is a synopsis:

Anne Cassidy, a 48-year-old New Age devotee living in Sedona, Arizona, knows 
something major has gone wrong when her daughter, Miranda, a college dropout 
and aimless drifter currently in Pittsburgh, Pa., doesn't answer her calls and 
Randa's phone is later disconnected. After two months,
Anne must face a mother's worst fear-that her daughter has vanished. Meanwhile, 
Randa has crashed her car and left it to start a new life after accepting
a ride from "George," an odd stranger who's either a serial killer or a covert 
CIA operative. George drops her off in Lawrence Beach, Va., where she takes a 
chambermaid job at a cheap motel. At the end of the tourist season, Randa's 
reduced to living in a friend's van while female bodies continue to surface in 
the seaside community. In Pittsburgh, Anne hunts for clues to her daughter's 
disappearance and revisits the equally disturbing disappearance of Nick,
her pilot husband, in 1984.

I am only one; but still I am one. I can not do everything, but I can do 
something. And, because I can not do everything, I will not refuse to do the 
something I can do.
Everet Edward Hale

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