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  • From: Nolan Crabb <aa3go@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 17:03:12 -0700

Greetings, fellow validators,

I've just submitted for validation

Spin Sisters: How The Women of the Media Sell Liberalism and Unhappiness to the Women of America by Myrna Blyth

Here's the book jacket blurb, just in case someone's wondering whether it's a title they want to validate:


They tell you what to think, they tell you how you feel­and they tell you constantly, on television and in magazines, that today's Women, who have more opportunities than women have ever had before, are frazzled, frumpy, fearful victims of lives too tough for them to handle.


They are the women at the top of the media heap, the Girls' Club of the female media elite, who lunch, party, and weekend together, support the same left-of-center causes, and think alike--especially when it comes to social issues and Politics.


They present their favorite celebritiess' liberal mes­sages with a halo of approval. And they try to act like they're your closest girlfriends­despite the fact that you may not share any of their attitudes or values.


They think all women should agree with them because they are so very sure they know what's good for you­even better than you may know yourself!

Ifs no surprise that the media aimed at women­ from morning television shows to TV news magazines to mass-circulation beauty and fashion books­influ­ence and shape how women see themselves and their role in the world. Myrna Blyth was part of the upper echelon of this media machine for more than twenty years and in this book tells the truth about the business she knows so well-­its power and influence, its manipulations and its frequently misguided politics.

Blyth persuasively argues that today's media bombards American women-­the most prosperous,
healthiest, well-educated, and Privileged group of women ever--with constant messages of unhappiness and victimization.

Insightful, witty, and highly provocative, Spin Sisters is an eye-opener that will change the way American women think about a major influence on their lives­and about themselves.

Was chief of Ladies' Home Journal from 1981 to 2002 and was also in charge of the business side of the magazine for more than a dozen years. She was also founding editor in chief and publishing director of MORE magazine. She has won numerous awards as an editor and magazine executive, including the Magazine Publishers of America's Henry Johnson Fisher Award and the Publishing Executive of the Year Award from Advertising Age. Before joining Ladies' Home Journal, Blyth was the executive editor of Family Circle. She's married, has two sons, and lives in New York City.

It's a pretty straightforward validation, I think. I say that, but then I wonder if they really ever are quite that. <smile> As nearly as I know, all the pages are there, the chapter headings are all accounted for. It includes those nasty little numbers to indicate notes at the back of the book, and I tried most diligently to get those to translate properly.

Best Wishes,


P.S.: A few days ago, I submitted Clear and Convincing Proof by Kate Wilhelm. This is a mystery in her Barbara Holloway series; it's set in Eugene, Oregon, and probably could be validated without much fuss. I've already stripped the headers out of both books.

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