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by Alice Mead

as a .rtf file

an Albanian family in the ethnic wars in Kosovo,
the book gives readers a sense of
The sufferings of war and the
emotional struggle needed to survive against a totalitarian


ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD ZANA enjoys her village life in Kosovo, even though she never 
feels entirely safe. Her family are Kosovo- __ born Albanians who are ruled by 
the Serbian police
and army. The Serbs want to destroy anyone who fights for an independent 
Kosovo. When bombs explode around Zana's village, her world fills with terror 
and tragedy. Still, she remembers her father's words: "Don't let them fill your 
heart with hate." But the words are hard to recall when those who were her 
friends have become her enemies.

An easy validation, read and edited, with a k1k spell rank of around 

This will be the 2nd Alice Mead book in the BookShare collection -- the 
first being Shelley's submission of Soldier Mom.


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