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Hi, Sharon. I think plenty of people would be interested in the kit. I, for
one, have been considering this as a field of work for me, so I'm interested
in whatever you might put up. Take care.
Julie Morales
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I have not heard of Adaptations for low vision, but I also used Foundations
of Low Vision.
I'm also using Foundations of Education, but it's already accessible because
it came from AFB Press.

I am scanning Part 1 Assessment Kit from Texas School for the Blind.  Have
you heard of it?  If not, do you think others as well as yourself would like
it?  The assessment kit is for all the areas including learning the
blindness skills like braille and abacus.

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> Ooooh, smile, this one was not on our reading list, but Thanks Sharon,
> be collecting that one for my own library of accessible resources.
> We used Adaptations for Low Vision
> And Foundations of Low Vision.
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