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Hello.  I just submitted Doubletake (Cal and Niko Leandros, Book 7) by Rob
Thurman.  The synopsis is below.
Happy proofing.

'Family was a hateful bitch, it was. I had the hot poker scars of that
burned into my flesh, but, scars or not, sometimes family was all you had
worth playing with. Maybe he would see that. Maybe he would want to play
too. I played rough . . . I played to win.'
If anyone knows that having family isn't always a good thing, it's
half-human, half-living-nightmare Cal Leandros. But for once, it's not Cal's
relatives causing the trouble. That headache belongs to his half brother,
Niko, whose ne'er-do-well father is in town. He needs a favor, and if Niko
refuses, it just might doom the entire city.
Yet an even more dangerous reunion is in the works. The entire lying,
stealing, hormonally hopped-up puck race (including the brothers' lethally
charismatic friend Robin Goodfellow) is in town for their millennial
meeting-and to hold a lottery that no puck wants to win.
As Cal tries to keep both Niko and Robin from paying the ultimate price for
their kin, a horrific reminder from Cal's own past arrives to show him that
blood is thicker than water.. and that's why it's so much more fun to spill.

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