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Here's the short version:


Serenissima:  A Novel of Venice by Erica Jong.  This is a masterpiece from
one of my favorite authors.  It has a smattering of Italian throughout, but
as far as I can tell, it all scanned accurately.  I read this for the first
time about 20 years ago and am looking forward to enjoying it again.


Pretty Boy:  A Sam Jones Novel by Lauren Henderson.  A fun, quirky mystery.


The Televisionary Oracle by Rob Brezsny.  Okay, guys and gals, this one is
out there, even for me!  Remember that guy from college who did too many
mushrooms and everyone wondered what he'd be doing when he was 40?  Well, I
think we've found him in this book!  


All three of these contain language and situations that some people may find
offensive, though I've submitted romances that were more graphic than any of
these.  <smile>  


I've done my best to make them all excellent scans, but as always, let me
know if anything needs rescanning.  


Enjoy, and here are the longer synopses.


Serenissima:  A Novel of Venice by Erica Jong

Serenissima is the story of a love so great it bends time out of shape. A
novel of Venice today and Venice in its illustrious past, this exquisite
tale gives the reader both a compelling portrait of our modern-day film
world and a clue to the passions behind Shakespeare's most enigmatic work.

Jessica Pruitt is a popular Hollywood actress in her forties who has come to
Venice to be a judge in the Venice Film Festival. In the rollicking
paparazzi-crazed atmosphere of the festival Jessica senses that something
mysterious is in the air. She begins receiving roses and sonnets from an
unknown admirer who seems to be beckoning her to leave the narcissistic
present and enter an enchanted past.

The weather grows colder, the tourists depart, the canals freeze; it is one
of the coldest autumns in history. Jessica is captive in Venice and goes
deeper and deeper into Shakespeare and the history of the city, which the
Venetians call "La Serenissima." While exploring the Jewish ghetto of
Venice, Jessica suddenly finds herself at the Grand Canal in the Venice of
Shakespeare's time-where she has, at once, been transformed into a Venetian
Jewess of the sixteenth century.

Shakespeare and his patron, the Earl of Southampton, have come to Venice to
escape the plague, which rages in England, and a passionate love triangle
develops among the three. Jessica experiences the great sensual love she has
always been seeking, a love that history decrees cannot last, except in the
timeless world of poetry.


Pretty Boy:  A Sam Jones Novel by Lauren Henderson

It's New Year's Eve in the quiet English village of Lesser Swinfold, and
sculptress Sam Jones has arrived to celebrate the holiday with her old
friend Tom, who teaches primary school and lives in a rustic
bed-and-breakfast. Sam is not in for a relaxing vacation, though. Hugo,
Sam's city-loving boyfriend, is vexed to no end that they had to leave
London for the countryside and won't let her forget how unhappy he is.
However, Hugo's tantrums are quickly forgotten when Tom's latest girlfriend
is killed and Sam suddenly finds herself thrust again into a murder
investigation where Tom is the lead suspect.

While defending her wrongly accused best pal, Sam ends up uncovering more
than she bargained for, including her deep attraction to Alan, a young,
impossibly gorgeous college student who may hold the key to the entire case.


The Televisionary Oracle by Rob Brezsny

The Televisionary Oracle is the mostly-true story of the kidnap of a
marginally successful rockstar (curiously resembling Rob Brezsny in his
other career as a musician) by the Menstrual Temple of the Funky Grail. This
ancient mystery school is hell-bent on "killing the apocalypse" in the most
enjoyable ways

possible. The chief shamanatrix of the Menstrual Temple is Rapunzel
Blavatsky, who might be the pranksterish reincarnation of Mary Magdalene and
the time-traveling

possessor of a sixty-six-million-year-old television--or else maybe just a
foxy, jive-talking babe with delusions of grandeur.


To accomplish their aims, Rapunzel and her crew employ countless tricks that
reside on the borderline between wacky performance art and sacred, kick-ass

ritual. All Rockstar knows is that they intend to begin initiating certain
selected men--maybe even him--into the mysteries of menstruation. But how

a testosterone-possessed Dionysian idol prepare for the menarche? And is
there really a possibility, as he suspects, that navigating his way through

intriguing ordeal will arouse the lusty interest of the enigmatic Rapunzel?


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