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Hi, everyone!  I have just submitted "Life Is Not a Fairy Tale," by Fantasia 
Barrino.  It should be an easy validation for someone.  The copyright name 
is unusual, but it's corrected.  I made a notation to that effect in the 
Comments field, so hopefully, it will go through. <Smile>  Here's the 
synopsis... Enjoy!

"The more people say you can't, the more you can. The more they talk 
negatively, the more you fight. You have to think about bettering your life 
and go after it. I don't care what you got to do. You only have one life to 
live, so do your thing."

With one moment, with one tearful, touching performance of "Summertime," 
Fantasia captured the hearts, and the votes, of millions of American Idol 
fans. Her powerful voice and independent style made her an overnight 
national sensation. But life wasn't always sensational for Fantasia.

Fantasia could have been just another sad statistic. At the age of 
seventeen, despite the promise of her extraordinary voice, she was just 
another young girl who dropped out of high school, a baby on her hip. Her 
life and her plans for her future seemed to be going nowhere. The choices 
she had made were closing every door to the life she had hoped to live.

But Fantasia had been raised by strong women of faith. Both her grandmother 
and mother are preachers. She was raised with an unshakable faith in God, 
the kind of faith that she needed when it came time to rethink her choices 
and redirect her life. Fantasia hoped that by using her gift to inspire 
others, she would be able to someday take care of her family and herself.

Now readers can share the intimate moments of her life. In Life Is Not a 
Fairy Tale, Fantasia offers a deeply emotional look at her rise to the top 
and the life-altering revelations she came to during her lowest moments 
along the way. With a spirit as strong

as her voice, she speaks with heartfelt, humorous frankness about what it 
takes to get off the wrong path and onto the right one. Fantasia confides in 
readers, walking with them through the trials of her family life and loving 
a man who didn't love her, through the challenge of being a baby mama to 
managing the joys and pressures of fame. She turns all that she's learned 
into uplifting life lessons, including:

. Recognize your gift

.You made your bed, now lie in it

. Give props where props are due

. Like mother, like daughter

. It ain't about the bling

Fantasia keeps it real with her sassy, self-confident style and 
down-to-earth advice, making readers laugh and cry with her. Fantasia's 
story will inspire readers to believe in themselves and have the faith it 
takes to reach for their greatest potential.

FANTASIA began singing at the age of five. At nineteen, she became an 
American idol winner. Her first album, Free Yourself, was released in 
November 2004 and went platinum in January 2005. She lives in Charlotte, 

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