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  • Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 17:39:19 -0500

Thanks, Donna. That was fast.

I took Without Blood, but if someone else wants it I will release. I looked at 
it quickly and it seems as 
good as Donna says, and she wrote excellent short and long synopses, and I can 
get the book from 
my library and read it.  So please let me know if anyone wants me to release it.

Oherwise I'll try to do it quickly so it can go into the collection -- but I 
can' start it right away.

> Without Blood, by Alessandro Baricco, translated by Ann Goldstein, about 100
> pages, RTF.  This is a powerful little book.  I retained line breaks in this
> scan because Baricco's style of writing is poetic and I think format matters
> in the finished product.  Thanks to Cindy R for bringing this author to my
> attention.  The reviews and book summaries don't do him justice.
> Enjoy!  I have quite a few more books I need to clean up and submit.
> Peace and Hope,
> Donna

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