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Texas Cooking by Lisa Wingate

From the book jacket:

No one is more surprised than Colleen Collins when she's offered a job writing fluffy magazine articles about rural Texas cooking. The big-city investigative reporter knows nothing about goats, prickly pears, or peafowl, and to make matters worse, she can't even cook. But thanks to a political scandal that cost Collie her job, her boyfriend, and now-with this demeaning [assignment-her self-respect, she has no choice but to drag herself out of bed and head to the Texas hill country.

After only a few days in the charming little town of San Saline, Collie finds her affection growing for its bighearted residents. And despite her intentions to me contrary, she's finding it impossible to resist the infuriating True McKitrick, a local boy made good vhose mere presence makes her feel utterly alive...and nexplicably at home. Soon, this unlikely romantic >airing is stirring up more than just desire. It's making Collie wonder about the life that once seemed perfect- ind the chance of starting over...with a man who's True.

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