[bksvol-discuss] Jim Fruchterman's Comments About His Visit With Us

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Greetings Everyone,

Earlier today, I received a note from Jim Fruchterman that included his
comments about his visit with us last Tuesday evening. It appeared in the
recent issue of his Blog.
I thought you would appreciate reading it. 


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Subject: [Beneblog: Technology Meets Society] Two plus hours with the
Friends of Benetech

Earlier this week I was invited to speak on an on-line conference by the
Friends of Benetech, an independent support group for our Bookshare.org
digital library for people with print disabilities. They have a neat
technology for an on-line audio and text chat room. There were more than
fifty people on-line with us, and the entire talk was recorded and placed on
the web.

I love this kind of opportunity that technology makes possible. Any
Bookshare.org user or volunteer now gets the chance to question the CEO of a
service they care passionately about (and believe me, they do!). Would other
nonprofit agencies operate differently if the people they served had a
regular chance to question the leadership directly and frequently? Greater
accountability is essential to progress in the social sector: this is just
one start. Earned income is another way, of course. I'm looking forward to
doing this regularly in the future: it keeps me on my toes!


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Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 644-3400

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