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Hello everyone, 


Here's your regularly scheduled Tuesday update of the list of books currently 
being edited and awaiting final approval for publication. 


I'm also doing book approvals this week (who knew?) and I'm hoping that there 
will be a substantially different list on Friday in terms of published books. 


Thanks much, 



Jesse's List October 26, 2004 


100 Women Who Shaped World History                                   Gail Meyer 

A HISTORY OF PRIVATE LIFE                                                

A Menopausal Memoir Letters from Another Climate                  Anne Herrman

A Parent's Guide To Learning Disabilities                                  
Alice C. D'Antoni

A Rose in Winter                                                                
     Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

A Self-Assessment Library Insights in Your Skills                      Stephen 
P. Robbins

A Speaker's Guidebook: Text and Reference                             Hannah 

A Stir of Echoes                                                                
      Richard Matheson

A Taste for Loving                                                              
      Frances Davies

Absolute Certainty                                                              
     Rose Connors

Aceh at War: Torture, Ill-Treatment, and Unfair Trials                  Human 
Rights Watch

Acorna: The Unicorn Girl                                                        
  Anne McCaffrey

Acorna's Search                                                                 
     Anne McCaffrey

Acorna's World                                                                  
     Anne McCaffrey

Album of Horses                                                                 
    Marguerite Henry

ALDER GULCH                                                                     
  Ernest Haycox

Alex Gets the Business (Family Ties)                                       Joe 

America's Last Wild Horses                                                     
Hope Ryden

An Autumn of War: What America Learned from September 11 and the War on 
Terrorism  Victor Davis Hanson

Analytical Hypnotherapy, Volume 2: Practical Applications         Jacquelyne 

Angelina's Birthday Surprise                                                    
 Katharine Holabird

As The Twig Is Bent                                                             
   Kenneth Jernigan (Editor)

Asperger Syndrome a Practical Guide for Teachers                    Val Cumine

Assessing Older Persons: Measures, Meaning, and Practical Applications          
 Edited by Robert L. Kane and Rosalie A. Kane

Assessment in Inclusive and Special Education, 9th Edition       Salvia

Assessment Kit--Part 1                                                          
 Debra Sewell (compiler)

Atando Cabos                                                                    
     Marta Rosso-O'Laughlin

Autopsy on an Empire                                                            

Battlefield Of The Mind.rtf                                                     
    Joyce Meyer

Battlestar Galactica                                                            

Battlestar Galactica: Armageddon                                            
Christopher Golden

Beautiful Child                                                                 
        Torey Hayden

Before the change: Taking charge of your perimenopause           Ann Louise 

       Karen Moline

Between War and Peace: Lessons From Afghanistan to Iraq       Victor Davis 

BEYOND THE BLUE MOUNTAINS                                           Jean Plaidy

Beyond The Writers' Workshop                                                
Carol Bly

Biological Psychology                                                           
  James W. Kalat

Bird by Bird                                                                    
        Anne Lamott

         James Goodman

Blue Ribbons For Meg                                                            
 Adele de Leeuw

Bonny's Big Day                                                                 
    James Herriot

Boquitas Pintadas                                                               
    Manuel Puig

Cajun Angel                                                                     
       Mack Bolan

Canyon of the Gun                                                               
   T. V. Olsen

Career Comeback: 8 Steps to Getting Back on Your Feet When You're Fired, Laid 
Off, or Your Business Venture Has Failed-And Finding More Job Satisfaction Than 
Ever                             Bradley G. Richardson

Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul 101 Stories of Chhoices and Changes and 
Growing up for Kids ages 9 - 13        Jack Canfield

Classroom Success for the Learning Disabled                           Suzanne 
H. Stevens

Clean It! Fix It! Eat It!: Easy Ways To solve Everyday Problems With Brand-Name 
Products You've Already Got Around the House                                    
                                                Joey Green

Computer Networking Essentials                                              
Debra Littlejohn Shinder

Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews, A History          James Carroll

Cowards Kiss                                                                    
     Lawrence Block

     Neal Stephenson

Dancing In The Wilderness                                                       
Samanthia Cassidy

Dark of the Moon                                                                
     Tess Pendergrass

Dead Heat                                                                       
       Nick Oldham

Dem Bones Revenge                                                               
Kris Neri

Desert Heat - A Joanna Brady Mystery                                     J. A. 

         Annemarie Selinko

Difficult Conversations: How To Discuss What Matters Most       Bruce M. Patton

Disney's Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl   Irene Trimble

Distant Shores                                                                  
      Kristin Hannah

Dog Goes to Nursery School                                                    

          Gordon R. Dickson

Double or Nothing                                                               
     Phoebe Erickson

Dr. Atkins' New Carbohydrate Gram Counter                             Robert C. 

Dragon's Kin                                                                    
       Anne McCaffrey

          Vicki Hinze

El Regreso Glorioso (Series Dejados Atrás, Libro 12)                 Tim LaHaye

Elizabeth's Valentine (Sweet Valley Kids 4)                               
Francine Pascal

Ellen Tebbits                                                                   
        Beverly Cleary

Facing the Lion Memoirs of a Young Girl in Nazi Europe             Simone 
Arnold Liebster

Fall From Grace                                                                 
     Larry Collins

Fearsome Fish (Creepy Creatures)                                           
Steven Parker

          Ginger Foglesong Guy

FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN The True Story of the South Canyon Fire         JOHN N. 

Five O'clock Charlie                                                            
     Marguerite Henry

Forms of Talk                                                                   
       Erving Goffman

Fraud: The Strategy Behind the Bush Lies and Why the Media Didn't Tell You      
Paul Waldman

Freedom for the Blind the Secret is Empowerment                     James H. 

French in Action A Beginning Course in Language and Culture (Second Edition) 
The Capretz Method Workbook Part 1                                              
                                               Pierre J. Capretz

FRIENDS AT THE PARK                                                         

Garfield To The Rescue                                                          
  Jim Kraft

Generations of Captivity: A History of African-American Slaves    Ira Berlin

Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and bin Laden, from the 
Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001                                           
                                                  Steve Coll

Glencoe Literature: The Reader's Choice: Course 5                    Beverly 
Ann Chin

God Against the Gods: The History of the War Between Monotheism and Polytheism  
      Jonathan Kirsch

Good Night, Princess Pruney Toes                                           Lisa 

Gray Dawn: How the Coming Age Will Transform America and the World  Peter G. 

Guide Dogs From Puppies to Partners                                      Diana 

Harry Potter y el Prisionero de Azkaban [en español]                 J. K. 

Harry Potter y la Cámara Secreta [en español]                          J. K. 

Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal (En Español)                           

Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge? (Time Warp Trio)                      Jon 

HOLD BOOKSHARE Dear Kilroy: A Dog to Guide Us                 Nora Vitz Harrison

HOLD FOR BOOKSHARE MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (6th Ed.)        
  Joseph Gibaldi

hollywood wives thenew generation                                           
Jackie Collins

How I Learned to Snap                                                           
  Kirk Read

How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth, 3rd edition                  Douglas 

HUNTING SEASON                                                                 
P. T. Deutermann

I Never Walked Alone                                                            
  Jessie Hickford

I Read, But I Don't Get It                                                      
    Chris Tovain

I Won't Learn From You                                                          
 Herbert Kohl

ICE STATION ZEBRA                                                              
Alistair MacLean

Imperial America: The Bush Assault on World Order                  John Newhouse

In the Name of Honor (Star Trek)                                               
Dayton Ward

India: A History                                                                
       John Keay

Interactions: Collaboration Skills for School Professionals           Marilyn 

Ishi's Brain: In Search of America's Last "Wild" Indian                Orin 

Jenny's Story                                                                   
       Judy Baer

Jessica's Cat Trick (Sweet Valley Kids 5)                                  
Francine Pascal

         Karen Kijewski

Kennedy, Johnson, and the Quest for Justice: The Civil Rights Tapes       
Jonathan Rosenberg and Zachary Karabell


          T. V. Olsen

Keys to parenting an Adopted Child                                          
Kathy Lancaster

Knock 'em Dead 2004                                                             
Martin Yate

Koalas (Animals Animals Animals)                                           Alan 

La isla de los delfines azules                                                  
  Scott O'Dell

lady boss                                                                       
        Jackie Collins

Late Bloomer                                                                    
      Fern Michaels

Living Prayers, Poe,s and Poetry                                              
True E. Readywriter

Looking for Chet Baker                                                          
  Bill Moody

Losing America: Confronting a Reckless and Arrogant Presidency           Robert 
C. Byrd

Lost City                                                                       
         Clive Cussler

Love, Greg & lauren                                                             
    Gregory Manning.

Making Minnesota liberal : civil rights and the transformation of the 
Democratic party         Jennifer A. Delton

Margaret and Margarita                                                          

María [en español]                                                              
     Jorge Isacs

Martha's House                                                                  
     Edith Kunhardt

Master of the Game                                                              
   Gary Gygax

More Than Conqueror                                                             
 Grace Livingston Hill

Moses: A Life                                                                   
      Jonathan Kirsch

My First Book About Space: A question and answer book          Dinah L. Moche

My Very First Winnie the Pooh: Don't Be Scared, Piglet and Roo! (Disney's 
Winnie The Pooh series)         Barbara Gaines winkelman

My Very First Winnie the Pooh: Gopher's Day Out (Disney's Winnie The Pooh 
Series)      Cassandra Case (editor)

My Very First Winnie the Pooh: Pooh Visits the Doctor (Disney's Winnie the Pooh 
series) Kathleen W. Zoehfeld

My Very First Winnie The Pooh: Pooh's Mailbox (Disney's Winnie The Pooh Series) 
        Kathleen W. Zoehfeld

My Very First Winnie The Pooh: Tiggers Hate to Lose (Disney's Winnie The Pooh 
Series) Cassandra Case

Mystery In The Pirate Oak                                                       
Helen Fuller Orton

New Testament Survey                                                            

Nine One One The Aftermath                                                    
Dean Kavouras

Old Abe: The Eagle Hero                                                         
Patrick Young

Old Dogs and New Tricks                                                         
Kenneth Jernigan (Editor)

Old Wives Tales The Truth Behind Common Notions                  Sue Castle

Once Upon a Waltz                                                               
  Carola Dunn

Over The Edge                                                                   
     Suzanne Brockmann

Overcoming Our Racism: The Journey to Liberation                    Sue

Past Reason Hated                                                               
  Peter Robinson

Planets and the Solar System                                                  
Keith Brandt

Play With Fire                                                                  
       Dana Stabenow

Private Affairs                                                                 
         Judith Michael

Prodigal Summer                                                                 
   Barbara Kingsolver

Raptor Rescue! An Eagle Flies Free                                         
Sylvia A. Johnson

Recuerdos del Porvenir (en Español)                                         
Elena Garro

Red Sky at Morning: America and the Crisis of the Global Environment    James 
Gustave Speth

Relative Sins                                                                   
        Cynthia Victor

Resumés In Cyberspace: Your Complete Guide To A Computerized Job Search    Pat 

         Jilliane Hoffman

Rio Grande Fall                                                                 
      Rudolfo Anaya

          Catherine Coulter

Running Blind                                                                   
      Lee Child

Russia's Fate Through Russian Eyes: Voices of the New Generation, with an 
Introduction by Jack E. Matlock, Jr.   Editors

SCORPION IN THE SEA - The Goldsborough Incident                P. T. Deutermann

Secret Lives of Second Wives                                                  
Catherine Todd

Sharpe's Tiger                                                                  
       Bernard Cornwell

       Jack Higgins

Sled Dogs Arctic Athletes                                                       
 Elizabeth Ring

Slumber Party!                                                                  
      Judith Caseley

Sore Winners and the Rest of Us in George Bush's America       John Powers

Sowing the Wind: The Seeds of Conflict in the Middle East         John Keay

Speaking Your Way to the Top                                                 
Marjorie Brody with William D. Thompson as series editor

Star Trek: The Janus Gate (Present Tense, Future Imperfect, Past Prologue)      
  L.A. Graf

Strawberry Shortcake and the Winter That Would Not End          Alexandra 

Sudden Sea: The Great Hurricane of 1938                                 R. A. 

Surprise! Surprise! (Sweet Valley Kids 1)                                   
Francine Pascal

          Steven Strogatz

Teachers' Night Before Christmas                                             
Steven L. Layne

Teaching Exceptional, Diverse, and At-Risk Students in the General Education 
Classroom            Sharon Vaughn

Teaching Students with Special Needs                                      Smith

THE BARF DIET: Raw Feeding for Dogs and Catss using Evolutionary Principals  
Ian Billinghurst

The Billion Dollar Ransome (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #73)    Franklin W. Dixon

The Boy of the Tree Year Nap                                                   
Dianne Snyder

The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal                                                  
Lilian Jackson Braun

The Cat Who Went Up the Creek                                              
Lilian Jackson Braun

The Counseling Approach to Careers Guidance                          Lynda All 
and Barbara Graham

The Dark Tower                                                                  
     Stephen King

The Dog Listener                                                                

The Dollhouse Caper                                                             
  James B. O'Connell

The Edge                                                                        
        Catherine Coulter

The Forty-niners                                                                
      William Weber Johnson

The Glass Mermaid                                                               
  Susan Clymer

The Golden Retriever (Learn About Dogs)                                  
Charlotte Wilcox

The Great Detectives                                                            
   Anne Marie Barrett Brown

The Grim Grotto (A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 11)          Lemony Snicket

The Hunting of Tom Horn                                                         
 Will Henry

The International Adoption Handbook                                        Myra 

The Interpretation of Cultures                                                  

The Iraq War                                                                    
       John Keegan

THE KIOWA VERDICT                                                            
Cynthia Haseloff

The Labrador Retriever (Learn About Dogs)                                
Charlotte Wilcox

The Language of Blood                                                           
 Jane Jeong Trenka

The Learning Disabled Child: Ways That Parents Can Help         Suzanne H. 

The Life Stories of Undistinguished Americans as Told by Themselves      
Hamilton Holt

The Man Who Walked Between the Towers                               Mordicai 

The Medicine Show: Consumer Union's Practical Guide to some Everyday Health 
Problems and Health Products    The Editors of Consumer Reports

The Mistletoe And Sword                                                         
Anya Seton

The Norton Reader                                                               
   Linda H. Peterson

The Other Daughter                                                              
   Lisa Gardner

The Primal Wound Understanding the Adopted Child                  Nancy Newton 

The Quicksilver Pool                                                            
    Phyllis A. Whitney

The Quilt Maker's Gift                                                          
    Jeff Brumbeau

The Raven                                                                       
       Charles L. Grant

The Revolutionary War                                                           
  Cynthia Klingel

THE ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE, 2004: The Politics of Presidential Elections 
Stephen J. Wayne

The Road to War                                                                 
    Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

The Secret of the Old Clock (Nancy Drew Mystery Series #1)     Carolyn Keene

The Seeress of Kell (The Malloreon, Book 5)                              David 

The Senate of the Roman Republic: Addresses on the History of Roman 
Constitutionalism            Robert C. Byrd

The Skeleton In The Closet                                                      
M. C. Beaton

The Society                                                                     
       Michael Palmer

The Story of Civilization: Our Oriental Heritage                           Will 

The switch                                                                      
        Sandra Brown

The Tale of a Donkey                                                            
   Valenti Angelo

The Teddy Bear's Picnic                                                         
 Jimmy Kennedy

The Third Heiress                                                               
     Brenda Joyce

The Triumph of Elohim                                                           
  (Diana Vikander Edelmaeditor)n

The Very LonelyFirefly                                                          
   Eric Carle

the wind caller                                                                 

The World of the Beaver                                                         
  John K. Terres (Editor)

They Are Soldiers                                                               
     Harold Coyle

They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby, 3rd 
ed.  Paul Findley

Three To Get Deadly                                                             
   Jannet Evanovich,

TOOTHPASTE AND RAILROAD TRACKS                                 Kenneth Jernigan 

Top O' the Mornin'                                                              
     Maddy Hunter

Tormenting Thoughts and Secret Rituals, the Hidden Epidemic of 
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder  Ian Osborn M.D.

          Patricia Cornwell

Track The Man Down                                                              
 T. V. Olsen

Triumphant Return                                                               
    Tim Lahaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

UDT/Seal Operations in Vietnam                                              T. 
L. Bosiljevac

Wall-To-Wall Thanksgiving                                                       
Kenneth Jernigan (Editor)

Weight Watchers Shortcut Cookbook                                       Holley 
C. Johnson

Wellington's Rifles                                                             
      Mark Urban

WHAT TO DO UNTIL LOVE FINDS YOU                                   Michelle 

What's the worst that could happen?                                         
Donald . Westlake.

When The Blizzard Blows                                                        

Why Lincoln Matters Today More Than Ever                              Mario M. 
Cuomo with Harold Holzer Historical Consultant

Wild Kat: A Kat Colorado Novel                                                
Karen Kijewski

Winter Moon                                                                     
      Dean Koontz

Wizard and Glass (Dark Tower IV)                                            
Stephen King

Zero option                                                                     
        P. T. Deutermann




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