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Hi Cindy. Thanks for offering to help. I don't care how long it takes the books 
to get into the collection, just as long as I get them up there. 
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        It might take time, but I'll proof anything, no matter how bad, if I 
can get the book and if I know the person has a good reason for having 
submitted a bad scan, i.e., Julia.. smile The  text condition  doesn't bother 
me.  Formatting, if the print book isn't, causes me to silently curse--and at 
the moment, the font size. There are so many different headings on each page n 
the book I'm proofing now it's taken me a while to decide which font to use for 
which; I finally wrote down the order, remembering 20, 18, 16, 14 ( since I I 
couldn't remember from one page to the next what I'd decided. now, although 
there are a lot of scannos because of the size of the page and the text pring, 
I should be able to make somewhat speedy progress. smile

        Wish List (i.e., books wanted added to the collection) and 
books-being-scanned list available at sites below

        Wish List: https://wiki.benetech.org/display/BSO/Bookshare+Wish+List

        Books Being Scanned List: 

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          Just a comment that may not be obvious here... Sometimes a submitter 
rates a book as good if he or she knows it is a raw scan. I like it when they 
do that because the proofreader knows more about what's involved in working on 
the book. 

          Julia has been  planning on moving and has a massive amount of books 
she's scanned. Since the new home only has access to slow dial-up internet 
service, several of us have urged her to upload what she has scanned so 
Bookshare will have benefit of the books. She has flagged them as good so 
people will know that they'll need to do more proofreading with her books. Some 
will be in great shape. Others won't, and sadly, a few might not be able to be 
approved at all. 

          Newer volunteers, especially ones who are also learning to use their 
computer at the same time, should probably skip these books for now. Working on 
books rated excellent will help newer volunteers get comfortable with 
proofreading without added confusion.

          Julia is a nice person to work with, and she'll do her best to answer 
questions about her books. Like most of us, her scans have gotten better over 
the past couple of years. I see progress and skill with each new scan. I'm 
hopeful that we'll see several of her books in the collection soon. (smile)

          Monica Willyard
          Check out my books and accessible book lists on Goodreads at   


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