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you need to add the entry "page break" to your dictionary  If you use word,
do the following
1.  open your document in word (any document will do for this).  
2.  do insert-d to open the dictionary manager.
3.  There should already be a jaws word dictionary but jaws will ask to
create the file if not. 
4.  space on the "add" button.
5.  in the "actual word" field,type the backslash symbol and then 012
unspaced from each other.
6.  in the "what you want jaws to say" field, type "page break"
7.  save with control-s and check in your document to see if page breaks are
announced now. 


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Hi Folks,
   I just loaded a new version of JAWS onto my brand new computer.  I went
into my file of the book that I am proofing, and there are no more page
breaks.  They were there yesterday!  I am hoping that I need to check an
option or something in my JAWS.  Can anyone help?  Thanks so much!
Marty R
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