[bksvol-discuss] Re: Is the Braille Translator Messing Up Ellipses?

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Hi Evan,
I'm discovering messages in my folder of volunteer e-mails that I never saw
come in, so please forgive this very late answer to your probably long
forgotten note.
You ask about the ellipsis being inaccurately represented in brf copies of
Bookshare's books.  One cause of this may be that the proofreader didn't
have the autoformatting feature of Word turned off that changes all ellipsis
typed as three periods into the ellipsis character.  If this is not turned
off, when a person types three periods, or unites three periods separated by
spaces, the resulting thing will be the ellipsis character, which the
braille translator as yet can't translate properly.  So, all proofreaders
using Word need to turn off that autoformatting feature.
Hope that makes sense.


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I don't normally read books I've scanned after they get approved, since I
either read through them before submitting them, or I scanned them for
someone else that I myself didn't want to read, but knew they would read
through completely before checking them in. Today though, I started reading
a book that I didn't read when I scanned it, but that Lissi thought I would
like. In the brf version of the book, I discovered that everywhere there is
an ellipsis, (three periods in a row without spaces, not the special
character ellipsis), the brf version of the file has not the three dot
threes that are supposed to be there, but just one dot three. I checked a
slightly older book that we did and found the same thing. I compared the brf
file I downloaded from Bookshare with the original file I scanned, so
there's no mistake. All the ellipses in the brf versions are just one dot
I don't know how far back this goes. The book I originally discovered this
issue in was added to the collection on July 30, 2010. The slightly older
book I checked which has the same problem was added on April 16, 2010; so
it's been going on for at least several months, unless it's been fixed since
July 30. I'm sure that the brf versions used to have the ellipsis correct,
but at some point it seems that a bug was introduced.

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