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Now you make me feel old. "Funicular" is in my 10th
edition of Webster's Collegiate dictionary. Also, just
this evening watching, the Amazing Race, contestants
rode a funicular in Hungary. I didn't know that it
ended with "r," though, and I didn't know it was
cranked by hand.  According to my dictionary, it's
just "a cable railway ascending a mountain, in which
an ascending car balances and descending car." It's
true, though, that the term isn't used much any more
-- but being my age, a lot of the books I read as a
child used such terms. I think there was one in Heidi,
though I may be wrong. Also, I thought of a melange as
a hodgepoge of things, and the same dictionary tells
me I was right. According to the dictionary, a melange
(and you're right about the accent over the first e)
is "a mixture often of incongruous elements." (Did you
know "hodgepoge,' or is that old-fashioned, too
(smile); I'm showing my age here, I think.

Any online Webster's dictionary should have what you


--- "Shelley L. Rhodes" <juddysbuddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Does anyone know of a truly good high caliber
> dictionary online.  I need 
> something that will have older words in it.  smile.
> A story to go with the request.  I am editing that
> copy of First Lady of the 
> Seeing eye.  Anyway in the story they use a
> "funicular" to get down the 
> mountainside to get to Vivey.  Being that I am only
> twenty three, I had no 
> idea what a funicular was.  So, was it a scanno or a
> real word.  Ender's my 
> mother who is a crossword puzzle person, we aren't
> your average family 
> smile.  With her four dictionaries.  We try the
> Random House.  Not in there. 
> How about you Marium Webster or as we call him gold
> old Blue.  Not in him 
> either.  Mom goes and digs out her old faithful
> trusty crossword puzzle 
> dictionary.  Not in there either.  I run upstairs to
> get the actual book and 
> find out indeed it isn't a scanno.  And finally in
> the oldest and largest, 
> we call him "Old Faithful Black" dictionary in the
> house, we find out that 
> it is a predecessor to the "cable car" and that it
> was cranked by hand.
> So... I ask are there good dictionary sites to check
> incase for example I 
> run across another word I have know idea if it is
> spell correctly or not.
> And does anyone know what a Mélange is?
> The scanner put an accent over the first E.  smile. 
> I suspect it is a 
> barrage, or mass confusion or something similar, or
> is this really a scanno.
> Isn't editing books fun.
> Shelley L. Rhodes and Judson, guiding golden
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