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Dear E,

I know the Jamie books, as I call them, are oversized paperbacks the size of many of the Oprah books. The first books came out in a smaller format. Oh, and I don't even know if the book comes out in hardback first.

You can find the dimensions by searching her previous book in the series on Amazon. I can do that for you if you aren't used to the site.

Always With Love, on page 50 of my validation,

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I know about Snow and Ashes, the latest Dianna Gabaldon book from her web site. It is going to be put on sale September 27 for anyone interested in getting it and scanning it. Actually, I would be willing to get it and do the scan if I knew I could get a copy where I could fit bboth pages at a time on my Epson 1660 scanner. Anyone know how to check a book's possible size BEFORE said book comes out?

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