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Hi Denise,  welcome to our community. 
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  Welcome Denise,
  Glad your here an on the list.
  Laura Ann
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    Hi everyone,
    My name is Denise and I have just recently (this week) become a volunteer 
with Bookshare.org.  I downloaded my first book to proofread yesterday and I am 
very, very excited about it!
    I joined Bookshare because 1). I love, love books; 2). I am always 
correcting the written word in everything I read; 3). I love to help others.  
Did I mention I love books?  And, an added bonus is that my niece is 
print-disabled and I recall my sister-in-law once commenting that she uses a 
site such as this one (I'm not sure if it is this one).  So, I am elated to be 
able to give back!
    In any case, I just want to introduce myself and prepare you to be 
inundated with newbie questions:-).
    Is there an actual forum or listserv that I could go to to read past 
postings to this list?  Are there any suggestions that the seasoned volunteers 
out there have for a newbie like myself?  I would hate to ask questions that 
you have all heard, and answered, a million times.

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