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Gee, Denise, did we marry the same guy? My husband wrote a note to me and 
called me Sweatheart. He hasn't lived that down yet. <laugh>


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  Thank you, Mickey.  Yes, I made my first mistake when I was dating my 
now-husband.  He was/is a would-be writer and wrote me a poem.  Instead of "oh, 
honey, that is so romantic and sweet", I said "oh, honey, you made some 
grammatical errors over here".

  I haven't gotten any more poems.:-)
  But, he married me anyway, despite my flaw LOL.


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  Hi, Denise.

  Welcome. I've been a volunteer since November of 2003, and I'm still learning 
and still asking.

  It sounds as though you, like I, see and want to fix errors in the written 
word. My only counsel would be that we can't do that. If it's in print, we have 
to leave it, galling as that is. Very obvious spelling mistakes we might get 
away with, although it's better not to.

  Our group is about getting work done, and having fun while we do it. Again, 


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    Hi everyone,
    My name is Denise and I have just recently (this week) become a volunteer 
with Bookshare.org.  I downloaded my first book to proofread yesterday and I am 
very, very excited about it!

    I joined Bookshare because 1). I love, love books; 2). I am always 
correcting the written word in everything I read; 3). I love to help others.  
Did I mention I love books?  And, an added bonus is that my niece is 
print-disabled and I recall my sister-in-law once commenting that she uses a 
site such as this one (I'm not sure if it is this one).  So, I am elated to be 
able to give back!

    In any case, I just want to introduce myself and prepare you to be 
inundated with newbie questions:-).

    Is there an actual forum or listserv that I could go to to read past 
postings to this list?  Are there any suggestions that the seasoned volunteers 
out there have for a newbie like myself?  I would hate to ask questions that 
you have all heard, and answered, a million times.


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