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Hi, Lori. Welcome to the list. As for your question about excessive page breaks, I think if you do a search for ^p, which, if I'm not mistaken, is the code for page break, and just delete them, that's the only way I can think of to get those pesky little buggers out of there. That's carrot p. The carrot symbol is the shift of the 6 on the number row on your computer's keyboard.

Hope this helps you some.
At 09:28 PM 8/29/2007, you wrote:
Hello all,

I've been subbed for a day or so and I'm enjoying all of the posts and the company of other Bookshare enthusiasts.

Right now, my resources are limited, so my contributions are just through validating. I've validated at least four books and I'm currently working on a couple of others.

I've come across two things that I'm not sure what to do with. One book has significantly more page breaks than page numbers it seems and I'm noticing that if I read continuously with JAWS or Window-Eyes the text appears to be fine. However, if I am arrowing down, I'll have a paragraph or page that is fine, but then it'll switch and I'll only have one character per line. Has anyone encountered this before? The file was downloaded as RTF and that's what I've left it in.

In another book, the page numbers are appearing at the bottom of each page and have either letters or brackets around them. What is the standard for page numbering and should I clean up the information around the page number?


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