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The meeting is actually tomorrow. We have several other targets we're trying to 
meet, including over a 1000 books submitted by a university that need to be 
processed, and 200 Spanish books that need our attention. We can certainly stop 
flooding the download page with what we've processed in-house and validate 
those in the office. 

I hate to say this, but since I've been here (long enough), the step one page   
has fluctuate between 200 and 500 books awaiting validtion. The backlog on the 
approvals is a reflection of being understaffed, but the download page is 
relatively normal. . .just on the high end. I'm going through and zapping some 
of the really old submissions that haven't been touched in say, a year. Other 
than that, it's up to you as volunteers to figure out how much time and 
attention you want to spend on your validations.


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Marissa SAID last week they were having a meeting this week and she would
ask about in-house vols helping with validations..  How about it, Marissa?

Sue S.

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I guess I'm somewhere in the middle on this discussion. Because of the heavy
validation backlog, I'd like it a lot if some of the in house volunteers
would be interested, if they could pitch in on the validation side, since
it clearly generally involves a whole lot more time than what was initially
envisioned. On the other hand, I do like the idea of special projects, like
Pulitzers or Newberries etc, rather than just pumping out the latest book
of interest this month, which nobody will remember a year from now. It seems
to me that many best sellers and book of the month selections will take care
of themselves, because they are of immediate popular interest,
so they are more likely to be picked up by an existing member and scanned.
Of course, for the big long block busters of mega-interest, like Harry
Potter or the Clinton autobiography, the in house volunteers did do
those. I also appreciate the in house volunteers taking a shot at more
difficult titles, like cookbooks, which are really difficult to do well if
you can't see the original copy. I wonder if it would be worth it to see if
in house
volunteers might be interested also in validating some of the more difficult
titles, such as the nonfictions that contain notes, maps and the like, which
can really benefit from somebody following with the printed copy.

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