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The fiction book that I'm proofreading right now only uses numbers for Chapter 
heading: "1" in bold.  Do you want me to add: [Chapter] to the number so it is 
more clear?



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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Indicating Chapter Headings When Proofreading

Usually a book will mark the start of a chapter with a chapter name or a line 
such as "Chapter 1".

Occasionally a book will indicate a new chapter by starting a paragraph halfway 
down a page and have no title, or number. The intent of pages like this as 
indicating new chapters is fairly easy to grasp visually. In our digital 
versions with changed format these navigational clues are lost.

To overcome this we can use the same technique we use to indicate when a 
has been removed. In square brackets  [ ] at the start of a age like this write 
"New Chapter" or in sequence [Chapter 1], [Chapter 2], etc. 

Scott Rains
Benetech Fellow, Bookshare Volunteer Department

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