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Here is what happens when the stripping tool does its work.  There are
certain inconsistencies.  However, the page numbe on the first line is
significant because after stripping it, the automated tools makes certain
that the page number is imbedded into the structure of the DAISY file.  So
it is important to make certain that the page number is on the first line.  


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I've decided just to put the word header on the first
line, skip a line and put the page number, then skip a
line and start the text.  Has this worked for anyone? 
I hadn't  paid much attention to the problem, assuming
that what I'd been doing had been preserving the
chapter titles, until Grace downloaded a book for me
and told me chapter titles and page numbers were gone.


-- Cindy <popularplace@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Then it seems as if, instead of manually deleting
> the
> headings as I've been doing, one should leave them,
> move the page number a space or two below the
> heading,
> and then the chapter titles below that. I'll try
> that
> with Adora, which I'm validating now, although I've
> already stripped the book and chapter headings. I'll
> go back and put them in, I guess, and see if that
> works.
> Cindy
> -- Silvara <silvara@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hi All:
> > 
> > My husband recently submitted a book called
> Dragons
> > of Autumn Twilight.  In order to protect chapter
> > headings he created a macro that placed the title
> of
> > the book on every page. He figured he'd give the
> > stripper something to munch on. To night I
> > downloaded the book to see how it fared. It
> appears
> > that the chapter headings are there.  However, the
> > puzzling thing is that the stripper only stripped
> > half the title. Dragons of is gone but Autumn
> > Twilight is on every page except for blank pages
> > where the entire title is there. This tool is very
> > inconsistent.  Why didn't it strip the entire
> title?
> > I truly wish that we had the choice whether to or
> > not to apply the stripper.  There are times that
> the
> > stripper even takes off pages that say Part 1,
> Part
> > 2, etc. I don't know about anyone else, but
> > personally I feel that these things are important.
> > Otherwise the author wouldn't bother to put it in
> > the book.         
> > *****
> > Grace who is very frustrated with this stripper.
> > 
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