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This book was submitted by Dave Russell in August.
Dave, are you here? If so, perhaps you could validate
it yourself? 

He rates it as Excellent, and seemed to enjoy it. It
sounds extremely moving. Here's his long synopsis,
which sounds quoted from a review, in case anyone else
is interested. He says it's Excellent very few errors.

"A distraught woman writes a letter to Osama bin Laden
after her four-year-old son and her husband are killed
in a massive suicide bomb attack at a soccer match in
London. In an emotionally raw voice alive with grief,
compassion, and startling humor, she tries to convince
Osama to abandon his terror campaign by revealing to
him the desperate sadness?"I am a woman built on the
wreckage of myself"?and the broken heart of a
working-class life blown apart. But the bombing is
only the beginning. While security measures transform
London into a virtual occupied territory, the
narrator, too, finds herself under siege. At first she
gains strength by fighting back, taking a civilian job
with the police to aid the antiterrorist effort. But
when she becomes involved with an upper-class couple,
she is drawn into a psychological maelstrom of guilt,
ambition, and cynicism that erodes her faith in the
society she's working to defend. And when a new bomb
threat sends the city into a deadly panic ("It was a
panic like the darkest dream and the more people ran
out onto the streets the bigger the panic got like a
monster made of human beings") she is pushed to acts
of unfathomable desperation? perhaps her only chance
for survival. A surreal vision made brilliantly,
viscerally powerful and undeniable, Incendiary is a
stunning debut novel. "


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