[bksvol-discuss] Re: Improvements to website speed and book quality reporting procedures

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That remind me; my renew didn't show up. I'd better go check and see if I can 
renew now.
 Als, whatever engineering has done to help Carrie is wonderful (Or maybe it's 
that Carrie is wonderful!. My  proofed books are getting into the collection 
almost the same time I check them in.

Join us in celebrating our 10th Anniversary! 


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>reporting procedures
>Hi Judy!
>I agree!  I just renewed two books in less than three 
minutes!And it's 4:00 a.m. here.
>The renew links still took around 24 hours after I got the 
notice that my books needed renewing to show up, but this is definitely 
progress!  And I appreciate it!
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>WOW!  I just renewed a book, at 2 a.m, that 
before the improvements would have taken about 5 minutes at best at this time 
night to renew (usually more like ten minutes).  It took less than a minute 
total.  Then I uploaded a book that had been proofread.  That took 
less than two minutes, including the time to upload the book using dial-up! 
Before the improvements it was taking at least 15 minutes to half an hour, at 
this time of night, if it worked at all.
>Break out the party hats!  
And please let engineering know because this is a stupendous 
>Judy s.
>On 5/8/2012 12:32 PM, Alisa Moore 
>>Hi  all,
>>Today we  learned of several improvements to our website that will positively 
>>impact  your work! 
>>Some important  hardware improvements were made, resulting in shorter 
>>submission processing  times.  While you’ll generally get better results 
>>submitting your scans  and proofs during the day (when the system is running 
>>optimally for our 200k+  members, and because system maintenance runs over 
>>night), you should see  faster processing times both day and  night.  We 
>>anticipate  even more improvements in the next iteration (in a couple of 
>>months).   Please let me know if you notice improvements and we can celebrate 
>> together!
>>Book quality  reports:  Submitting a book quality report is now much easier.  
>> Simply sign into Bookshare, pull up the book, click on “report book quality  
>>issue” (in the upper right hand corner), fill out the form, and you’re  
>>done!  Yay!
>>On another  note, we have a new publisher partner, Cornell University  Press.
>>Alisa K.  Moore
>>Volunteer Program  Manager
>>Join us in  celebrating our 10th Anniversary! 

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