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A lengthy discussion occurred aroundsix months ago about the abolition of books 
in the collection when publisher quality books come along.  I think the most 
harmful loss when a book is replaced by a PQ book is the loss of picture 
descriptions.  But an almost equal loss is the loss of hours of effort on a 
volunteer's part.  I just completed proofing a poetry book and verified that 
all line endings of the poems were in fact correct by comparing the poems in 
the book with versions of the poems from the internet.  It took more hours than 
any other book I have proofed for bookshare, but in fact was a "labor of love". 
 And I would mind if that book were replaced by a PQ book.

But the bottom line is that it doesn't matter if I would mind because that is 
the agreement made with publishers, so what is is!

And, Bob, I love that umbrella quote.  It gave me my first chuckle of the day 
and normally I don't chuckle before noon and it's only 7:00 a.m here.

Lori C.

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  Jamie brings up a good point. 

  However, I think this brings up another question, how literal should we take 

  One thing I do when I proof a book is to change the font size for chapter 
headings so that they are navigable in a daisy format, which, in my opinion, 
improves the book for bookshare users. Also, what about all those books for 
pre-school kids with wonderful picture descriptions. In my opinion, again, 
these are improvements to the bookshare collection rather than changes to the 
publisher's intent.

  All these changes would be abolished if a book of publisher quality came 
along to replace them. 


  "A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask 
for it back when it begins to rain." 

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    Kim, we are not allowed to clean up typographical errors in books either. 
If it is in the print book wrong, it has to be in the Bookshare file wrong, too.

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