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Defaulting back to the volunteer instructions (yes those things that nobody has 
bothered to read since their first few validations), we get a definition of 
core content.

* Check to make sure that the book is complete. Some users may
accidentally submit partial book scans, or individual chapters. You
should at least scroll to the end of the book and ensure that it ends
with a complete sentence. While you are not required to check every
page of the book, if you do find more than one page of core content
(i.e. not including cover, frontmatter, tables of contents, pictures, or
indeces) missing, you should not approve the book.

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  Hi Lea,

  This may be surprising, but since the end notes and indices are not 'core 
content', you can submit the book as is.  I have dropped appendices or indices 
a few times, when they were hopelessly muddled.  I would suggest writing a note 
to Gustavo in the comment section when you upload the book about the missing 30 
pages, since he may overrule me.

  This of course begs the question: what exactly is the 'core content' of a 
book?  I believe it's the center core of the book, not the table of contents, 
the foreword, the introduction, the afterword, glossary, appendices, indices, 
etc, etc, etc.  Bookshare requires the title and copyright pages and the core 
content, but I believe that's all.  As I said though, Gustavo may have a 
different opinion, so if you want to make absolutely sure, you could write him, 
using the email address in the To section of this email.

  HTH, Carrie

  Pascha Lea <pascha2u@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    I've started validating a text book, and I've just noticed that all of the 
end-notes and indexes aren't scanned. I have the hard-copy of the book, so I 
know there about 30 pages of this stuff missing. As I don't have access to a 
scanner, my first reaction would be to reject this as an incomplete book. My 
question is - would not having the end-notes and indexes make this book 


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