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  • Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2008 09:20:51 -0400

Hi Cindy,

Oh, it's not the quality of the writing, besides, as a volunteer, we're not supposed to make rejections via those criteria. <smiling> If that were the case, we'd get more rejections than acceptances. I may not like a writer's style, but I can't, at least in my view, reject a book for that reason. I may be wrong, but I came into this job believing it was my work to validate and not to evaluate a book. I released one book because the writer was so bad and the subject was so badly treated that I couldn't stand it. I feel justified in releasing such a book, but not rejecting it. Deciding that a book is "bad" is a subjective evaluation and has no bearing on whether a book is rejected or not. Books can only be rejected if they are of unacceptable quality in their scans, nothing else. Ain't my place to put a value judgment on the book if the physical quality is fine.

No, the writing style is fine, strong, bare, and hmmm, it's a guy book. Now, don't go all flukey on me and tell me I'm being sexist. I know I'm being somewhat sexist, but there are guy books and girl books, and whether we like it or not, it's true. This is written in the style of John Sanford or Tom Clancy.

No, it's not the writing style, it's the condition of the book. You'd *have* to read every page, if you were going to clean this up. You'd have to run a spell checker. There are chapter headings OK, but the first line of the chapters is often munged. Dunnow why that happens with some books. There are stray I's and J's on some pages. There are some corn words and some other normal scanos that should have been caught by the submitter. It could be edited, but I dunnow if it's worth it.

I await your reply.

Ann P.

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