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If I were doing this book, I would put Map Omitted on each page to preserve the 
page numbering in the subsequent Roman pages, and so as to make sure people 
don't just think they're blank pages. I don't know if preserving the page 
numbering is really important in the preliminaries, but that's how I would do 


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  Nuke the map pages, as they are not at all helpful.

  You can put map omitted if you want on each page.

  But don't keep the place names and the rest of the stuff.

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    I am validating THE ART OF WAR IN WORLD HISTORY by Gerard Chaliand.  There 
are 13 consecutive pages of maps in the first part of the book, before the 
Arabic numbered pages begin.  However, there is more text following the end of 
the map section in the Roman numeral pages.  Some of the writing on the map 
pages is readable--place names--so I need to know whether I should leave them, 
omit them and make a note of it, in which case some pages will be missing, or 
do I need to put [Map omitted] on each individual page?  I know that maps and 
pictures are usually omitted, but what do I do when so many are right together?

    Thanks for your input.



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