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Hi Everyone,

I have just submitted "The Witch Is Dead: An Ophelia and Abby Mystery" by Shirley Damsgaard. I'll paste the long synopsis below. This one could use a careful validator. I read the book from cover to cover, however, for some reason there were quite a few punctuation marks that didn't come through in the scan. I hope this isn't an example of really bad copy editing. I tried to catch them, and insert them, but doubt that I managed to catch them all. In order for this book to be as good a copy as it could be, missing punctuation will need to be added. I hope someone is willing to take this on. It is really a good book, for those interested in its type. And I think I caught almost all errors. All page numbers and chapter headings have been protected. All pages are present. And all copyright info is present and legible. Okay, enough disclaimers.

Hope someone enjoys this.


Life is busier than ever for witch Ophelia Jensen. In addition to her day job at the library, shewith the help of her grandmother Abbyis preparing to officially adopt Tink, the young medium she's taken under her wing. So when Ophelia's elderly Aunt Dot, eager for adventure, wants to investigate the murder of a funeral director in the neighboring town, Ophelia tries to say no. But then Tink's dog pulls a skull out of the woodsa skull that may belong to a murder victim.

Finding mysterious bones in the woods isn't the only strange thing that's happened to Tink lately. She's been having visions of ghastly ghosts imploring her for help. But before Ophelia can connect the apparitions with the murder, Tink is kidnapped! Ophelia and Abby will have to battle a creepy crematorium owner and an invasion from some modern-day body snatchers to find their protege ... or else they'll have to hold a seance just to speak to her again.

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