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  • Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2012 21:33:20 -0800 (PST)

A second image I saw, but failed to bookmark, would preclude that as there were 
something like sides to strengthen the frame, but I also have not seen actual 
dimensions of the cradle listed.  The one thing I like, if it works as 
perceived, is the fact there should be no bubbling of the book, 
causing inadvertent bold or italics because of the placement of the 
frame sandwiching the scanned material.  I am very eager to test it personally.

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I wonder if the ION scanner camera distance can be changed so it can 
image books too large for most flatbed scanners.  That would be 
wonderful.  At the other end of the size scale, for paperbacks chopping 
and running through a sheetfeed scanner is better (so I finally bought a 
replacement for the scanner I knocked off my table and haven't been able 
to fix, close but it still jams way too often).  With the sheet scanner 
or the ultradeluxe page turning scanner, the proofing/fixing for 
navigation becomes the time intensive part of the process (not to 
mention image description).

Progress marches on!


On 1/8/2012 4:49 PM, Kelly Pierce wrote:
> This puppy gently turns each page so guillotining a book to run it
> through a sheet feeder isn’t necessary to scan the 2,500 to 3,500
> pages an hour it promises.  This is obviously intended for the large
> scanning projects being undertaken by several tech-related
> organizations and library groups.
> A more significant question though is how all of this scanned
> material, most of it from libraries paid for by taxpayers like myself,
> can be made available to the blind and those with disabilities.  While
> about 1,800 volunteer submitted books were added to Bookshare last
> year, this machine can scan almost as much in a week running 23 hours
> a day with an average productivity of 3,000 pages an hour with 350
> page books.  I hope that Bookshare or a similar resource can tap into
> this output someday.
> Kelly
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>> And it is only $149!!!!!
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>>> The latest in digitizing books:

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