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"To me, music that breaks your heart is the music that stays with you
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sophisticated, but when you get the two of them together in a way
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the sophistication to lie in the purity of the sound, the beauty of
the arrangements, and the quality of the performances."-Trumpeter
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On 7/27/2010 1:12 PM, Jamie Prater wrote:
Hi, Larry, I think your letter was well written and I definitely see where you're coming from. I definitely see your point. If you and Mike and Susan and Lori leave, others will leave, and this could be a devastating snowball effect, and there may be very few volunteers left. Very, very well said.

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    I think we have done a good job of raising the issue.  It is my
    hope that the organization will eventually come to a better
    understanding of how their volunteers are to be utilized. A
    suggestion I have is for articles to be posted regularly on the
    site of books/authors/genra that staff are pretty certain will not
    be submitted by publishers/outsources, etc.  I didn't sign on to
    do major research on publishers just to submit a scan.  I love
    scanning and will be glad to continue if given direction from the
    organization but will not do so if this is not forthcoming.

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    Hi, thanks for your note.  With Harper Collins and possibly other
    religious publishers I did hear were possibly coming on board--I
    don't know the names, this could still be a problem.  I still feel
    the proofers and scanners' pains about having work dumped and
    replaced although I see where bookshare staff and publishers are
    coming from as well.  I still say there should be enough books out
    there for everybody to work on and feel a sense of
    accomplishment.  Thanks again and have a blessed day.

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        well if i understand correctly Scalastic kids books, and all
        religion based publishers still seem to be safe bets for
        volentiers  so I'd say you'd still be in luck supsorry about
        the spelling issues still haven't put office on yet with spell
        check.porting volenteering and if you were to submit books in
        the genres you like.

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            about things right now

            Hi, all, I've been following the threads about PQ books
            versus volunteer work.  I've enjoyed volunteering for
            Christian fiction and kids' stuff mostly and because of
            page numbering issues, I've backed off considerably on
            what I volunteer for.  Every day for the past several
            weeks has been like Christmas looking at and downloading
            all the new books lately.  I'm very, very sad that this
            new influx of books is starting to run some top knotch
            volunteers away because of publishers' issues.  I see both
            sides of the coin on these issues but wish all you
            fantastic volunteers would find a reason to stay at
            bookshare.  I like books from a Pentecostal Christian
            standpoint as far as Christian/nonfiction goes, and I love
            all kinds of Christian fiction, classics, and general
            fiction as well as kids' stuff.  Some of the volunteers
            who've said they are most likely leaving bookshare are
            ones who print some of these kinds of books.  I know there
            are so very many books out there in the world, and I do
            wish we could all find a niche and grow bookshare and
            everybody can feel like useful and contributing members of
            bookshare and society.  I had no idea this wonderful
            growth spurt for bookshare would run off volunteers and
            this is a bittersweet pill to swallow and makes me feel
            very, very sad.  Please folks reconsider before quitting
            the wonderful job you're all doing on adding books to the
            collection.  Lori and Mike in particular, thanks to you,
            I've got some Jentezen Franklin books I'd not otherwise
have, and this makes me sad to see you and others go. Thanks and have a blessed day.

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