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Hi, Sue!

As someone not reading the incoming lists, what sorts of classics are being 


On Jul 29, 2010, at 1:51 AM, siss52 wrote:

> Emily,
> I like your take on this.  Just as a side note, Random House is submitting a 
> lot of classics in their original form with background material included.  I 
> have downloaded some of these and intend to add them to my personal library.
> Just some positive thoughts,
> Sue S.
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> now
> I just want to add my support for Roger's statement.  Although we all enjoy 
> volunteering for Bookshare, if someday our volunteering becomes obsolete due 
> to the instant accessibility of all books, that will be a happy day indeed!  
> Volunteers at a homeless shelter would not complain if the shelter became 
> obsolete due to all its tenants finding homes of their own, so we should try 
> to see things at that level.  Publishers may have a ways to go in improving 
> their scans, but publisher-submitted scans are still a relatively new 
> phenomenon, and the relationship between publishers and Bookshare will 
> develop and improve over time.  
> Volunteers should never feel their efforts were wasted if their scan is 
> replaced with a publisher scan.  I personally feel that just the idea of 
> having books be accessible to all makes the hours of hard work worthwhile.  
> Think of all the people who have downloaded and enjoyed the scans we've 
> worked on, even if those scans have since been replaced.  If the enjoyment of 
> others doesn't make the effort worthwhile, then maybe volunteering for 
> Bookshare is not a good choice in general.  Of course, I certainly think it 
> IS a good choice, and that it will continue to be so as long as volunteers 
> are still needed!
> -- 
> Emily Harrison
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