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  • Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 05:38:49 -0400

I absolutely plan to make sure the I Ching books get into the collection complete with very readable charts. I have been working with it for over forty years from an auditory chart and an old old book.

Your question is a good one. I released the books because I really needed a break. I chose to take the break reading other things and validating. Thinking back, I should have used my 5 book credits to hang on to the I Ching books and read other books from the collection, thus taking a break from validating.

Instead I validated other books hoping to return to I Ching books when less burned out.

I had spoken to the bookshare staff about being allowed to hang onto more than 5 books, explaining the specifics around the I Ching charts. They said they did not have the power to increase my numbers. Engineering had not given anyone that ability. So I put my note on the list and hoped. I will do things differently next time.

I am over being angry. The I Ching books will end up in beautiful form. It just may take me a while.

I also was hampered by a major computer hard disk last spring which wiped out a lot of things. I have learned the need for frequent frequent backups. I was backing up but not often enough.


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