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Thanks Jamey, I'll check those books out on the list. I'll probably download 
one tomorrow.
Thanks for your help.
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Hi Jim, if you are looking for a book to begin on, Berlin is still on the step 
1 list. It has all of the headers removed, page numbers protected, etc. It's 
quite a long book though and has a lot of German words in it. If you're looking 
for a shorter book to cut your teeth on, Dreadful Acts is also on step 1. It's 
a children's book, a children's chapter book.

If you are interested in some other children's books (I didn't submit these 
ones) to try out because they are shorter I noticed some Power Rangers books, 
one called Nicholas Bentley, a Spy Kids book, Attack of the Alien Mole 
Invaders, and also I think Ghoul Reporter is a children's chapter book.

Learning to validate well can be overwhelming so I think starting with a 
children's book is a good way to learn because they're shorter.

Jamie in Michigan 
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