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Oh good idea Robert. Let me run upstairs and get the

The back of the book is just a description of the
book. I think the issue is that this is a true crime
book so it isn't like the author, Sue Russell,
invented the story.

But it is a good sounding book. Just if anyone is

On November 30, 1989, in a lonely place off Florida's
Interstate 95, 51-year-old Richard Mallory shuddered
under the impact of four .22-caliber slugs being
pumped into him by a naked, hard-faced blonde hooker.
While he suffered a slow, agonizing death, she
stripped him of his valuables and drove his Cadillac
back to the motel where her lesbian lover was waiting.
In 1990, her killing spree kicked into high gear, with
three men slain in as many weeks. Of the six of her
seven male victims whose bodies were found, some were
nude; all had been shot dead and robbed.

In January, 1991, pawnshop records led to the arrest
of Aileen Carol Wuornos, 34, aka "Lee," an abusive,
alcoholic man-hater with a murderous hairtrigger
temper. Wuornos began prostituting herself at age 12
for cigarettes and beer. At 15 she bore an
illegitimate child, at 16 she took to the highways as
a hithchiking hooker. In 1986, with a lengthy rap
sheet and prison term under her belt, she entered into
a relationship with Tyria Moore, 24. Tired of turning
$20 tricks, Wuornos decided to rob her customers of
everything they had--including their lives.

Her arrest and trial prompted a worldwide media
frenzy. Ultimately Wuornos received six separate death
sentences. Here is the definitive account of a killer
who confounded the profiling experts, forever changing
their concepts of the crimes of which a woman is

Jamie in Michigan 

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