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Hi, Shelley, and terrific question! I've also been interested in hymnals, 
although I'd be interested in the Baptist ones, but this is something that I 
think could really help any of us who attend church and would like to be 
able to follow along with songs. It's difficult for me to learn songs by 
listening to people sing them because of my hearing impairment which makes 
it difficult to understand them sometimes, so I've always been looking for 
stuff like this. Take care.
Julie Morales
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Two questions.

1. Does anyone know where I might obtain an accessible copy of the
Presbyterian Hymnal, not in BRAILLE as it is well, many many volumes, and
very expensive!

And 2, if the first question is answered, it doesn't exist, then, perhaps,
are these types of books song books available on Bookshare.  I don't see
anything in Chaffee preventing song or lyric books, but of course may not be
interpreting it right.

I want to find a solution that wont take up tons of space, and at the same
time, be enormous and not practical to carry.


I am not afraid to scan it, heck you all know, I will just about scan
anything, smile, if it can benefit me and other people in the church.

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