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Hi all,

Hmmm, Kim, it may not work the way you think it will.

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Hi, I've never done a macro and I'm wondering how one makes one. I'd love to be able to find a nifty way so that I can say: 1. bold headings in 16 pt. Times New Roman and put everything else in regular Times New Roman 12 pt.. 2. Make sure the first lines of paragraphs are indented two spaces (for Braille users). Then I'd like to do another macro the covers all the find-and-replace stuff. I understand a macro is a program application that puts a lot of little steps under one result. Any answer that can explain how one does this in language so that even I can understand it will earn great thanks for enlightening somebody who gets bewildered with tech talk. Regards, Kim.

Well, the first thing is that you need to understand the difference between planning a task and carrying it out. A human being can plan a task, choose the materials or text to change and then change it. A computer cannot as of yet, plan a task. It cannot distinguish between what is and what isn't a header and decide to put it in 16PT.

If you have a task that you do on a regular basis, e.g. changing a given header to 16PT, you can create a macro to change it, but *you* have to select the text first. The computer cannot select the text. It doesn't know how.

You could create a macro to add page number, and a running header to a document. You couldn't create a macro to tell the computer to select all odd-numbered pages and add a header. Do you see the difference?

BTW, the braille translator will indent paragraphs if you just use tabs or indent the normal five spaces in print. You don't need to aggravate yourself.

Ann P.

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