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  • From: Melissa Smith <mdsmith25@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 06:32:18 -0600

I believe this is the Office Assistant. Press alt h to go to the help menu, and arrow down. You should come to an item that says either show Office Assistant, or hide Office Assistant. If it says hide Office Assistant, press enter to hide it. If it says show Office Assistant, simply escape out of the menus, and let us know. There are other settings in the options menu that might need to be changed if it isn't the Office Assistant that is causing the popups.


Kim Friedman wrote:

Hi, I'm doing some proofreading and I think Microsoft Word 2003 is the program involved with my saving stuff in the rtf format. I mention this because when I'm minding my own business, listening to Jaws read the text while I'm following along in Braille on my BrailleNOte, I get these little pop-up things on the screen that wish to provide me with unwanted and unasked-for grammar suggestions. How do I tell it to shut up? Regards, Kim.

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