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Sarah, that does help a lot.  Thank you.

- Jackie McCraw

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> I don't know how many of the steps you have done already, so I will try to
> review everything you need to do to read daisy files.
> If you have not downloaded and installed the Victorsoft daisy reader from
> bookshare you can do so by looking for the "download tools" link on either
> the bookshare homepage or from any book's download page.
> On the download tools page you need to hit enter on the link for your
> operating system, which is probably the first one, windows.  On the next
> page there will be a link that says "Continue to the DAISY format reader
> download page." hit enter on it, and you will get a page with a button on
> that says Download VRSoft.  The installation file is about 11 meg, so you
> might want to do this when you have some time.  That page also has links
> a bunch of documentation and getting started information on the reader, so
> anything my message doesn't tell you can be found there. :-)
> Now once you have the reader installed you can open daisy books by opening
> VRSoft from your start menu and then using control-o to look at the books
> that the reader has found on your harddrive.  the advantage to this method
> is that you only choose the book title you want to read instead of having
> go through all those files with the same name and different extentions.
> If you can't find the book you downloaded and unpacked in that list you
> open the book by going to the directory where you unpacked the book and
> hitting enter on the file with the correct name and a .opf extention.
> Hope that helps.
> Sarah Van Oosterwijck
> curious entity at earthlink dot net

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