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The easiest way to work with any character you want to test is to find it in a 
book and copy it to a clipboard and paste it into your test document.

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  How do you type an m dash though? Anyway, I think it would be simpler to just 
ask someone who can see about what is being eliminated. That still does not 
tell me how to stop it though. I think I may experiment with some contrast 
settings though. Right now I am scanning one of those very old mass market 
paperbacks that I mentioned earlier and I think I am getting the hang of it. I 
do not think the problem is that it is an old paperback though. The same thing 
has happened with some pretty new books and I recently proofed a pretty new 
book that had the same problem in it.

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  Roger, if you want to test if it is eating commas or eating em dashes, type 
up something yourself with both in it, that you will already know which one
  is which. Scan that, and see what the results are. If the commas are gone, 
you could probably be sure it's eating commas. If the em dashes are gone, then
  it's not the commas. 

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