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  • Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 08:57:29 -0500

Dear Kim,
Files that need proofreading come with a .rtf extension. It is not
necessary to unzip the file.
There are several ways to proofread on the BrailleNote. First, you
could download the file on to your computer and transfer it to a
compact flash card, which would then go into your BrailleNote. Compact
flash cards fit into the slot at the back of the BrailleNote. If you
have an MPower, I think that there is an additional SD card slot.
Bookshare volunteers have recommended putting the file on a card as
opposed to transferring via ActiveSync since the conversion from rtf
to pwd and back again messes with formatting and other attributes in
the file. However, if you are stuck using ActiveSync, there is an
option under the tools menu where you can specify that ActiveSync not
convert files to a compatible format with the device you are using.
Someone can correct me if the ActiveSync option I have described
doesn't work or if it still messes up the file.
I personally prefer to transfer my files to the BrailleNote after
downloading them to the computer. In this way, I can do several
proofreading tasks in Microsoft Word that involve a quick find and
replace, adjust font and formatting, and count and/or insert page
breaks correctly.
Alternatively, you could download the file of the book that you are
proofreading directly on to your BrailleNote via the Internet. I would
still recommend inserting a storage card before downloading and then
having the file go to whatever card you want to use. There are a
number of different methods for proofreading, so hopefully you find
one that works best for you. Mayrie created a scan and proofreading
checklist describing her method that someone could pass along to you.
Please feel free to ask more questions if my explanation is confusing.
At the same time, I am sorry if I gave you information that you have
already heard. I have been very busy and not keeping up with the list
Good luck and happy reading,

On 7/26/09, Kim Friedman <kimfri11@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi, Shelley I found Son of It Was a Dark and Stormy Night by Scott Rice in
> the books being processed list and I read the history up to the time you
> submitted the book. It hasn't arrived on the checkout list. I guess I wait
> until it arrives there, correct? What steps should I take then? I'll use my
> BrailleNote to proofread it. I take it I proceed as if it were a zip file
> and give my password and all that? Sorry, but I'm extremely new at this.
> Thanks and best regards, Kim.
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