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I submitted that book. if you need me to try and re-scan or need me to figure 
anything out, let me know. There are lots of diagrams in the book that wouldn't 
scan very well but don't effect the readability or overall usability of the 
email me at guidingpaws@xxxxxxxxxxxxx if I can help.

Natasha and Guide Dog Fossey

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don't just mean that I will make a lot of money and be known for what I do, but 
that I make a difference in someone's life."
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I am working on this book by Ted Andrews.

First, I have removed all the title text from pages that don't need to 
be there.
second, Long dashes have been removed.
Third, Fixed words that needed to be put together i.e. hu on the end of 
a line and manity on the begin of the next page.
This book still has pages that I think need to be rescanned.
The book is understandable inspite of these pages.

Should I submit it or should I reject it.


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