[bksvol-discuss] Re: Hoping we opt for friendliness andCindy isn't unsubscribing

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Hey Lissi,
    Here's a bit about each person who works for Benetech/BookShare who are
staff who hang out (sometimes) on the list.

Jim Fruchterman - Is the head of Benetech and helps make policy decisions
that affect BookShare

Gustavo Galindo - The BookShare.Org site manager. Gustavo is usually the
person who approves and rejects books. If you have a question related to a
book currently on the site he is probably the guy to ask, since we don't
currently have a volunteer coordinator.

Peter Scialli - You generally will find Peter hanging out on the other
bookshare list. Peter helps work with support questions, technical problems,
etc. Generally I believe Peter checks the support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx address.
Also Peter hangs out in the Washington D.C. area as we were last told, the
rest of the gang is in Palo Alto

Janice Carter - Director of literacy programs for Benetech and BookShare. I
imagine Janice right now is attempting to help fill Marissa's shoes while
the search continues for a replacement.

Volunteer Coordinator - Marissa was the last and Jessie before that,
hopefully we'll find a new one soon *grin*

Hope this helps give you an overview of the staff we most hear from. I don't
know the engineers by name, but they're back their faithfully making sure
the system keeps working.

Finally, Carrie is a very dedicated sighted volunteer who hangs out at the
offices in Palo Alto. She's renound for churning out up to 40 books a week
with the highspeed scanner at BookShare.

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> Dear Cindy, and List
> You are such a generous volunteer, Cindy,  and I've enjoyed your posts to
> the Book Share Lists. We are lucky to have you and I hope the grumbling
> doesn't chase you off. I will stay Lissi to save your place as the Cindy
> this group!
> Is Tony a staff member or moderator. I'm still too new to connect all of
> names with personalities. His tone was so rigid, commanding and
> uncompromising. If he is the boss, then I suppose the list and I will
> comply, but the list will be poorer and colder for it.
> From my perspective, the complainers are far outnumbered by listers who
> appreciate the warmth and personal touches which distinguish us from
> with name tags.
> Many volunteers make no money for the time they donate to expand our
> choices. Friendly messages of appreciation and interest in one another as
> individuals are rewarding. The community feeling on this list inspires us
> work together for the increased reading and individual pleasure of all.
> How can the human touch be a bad thing? Aren't we capable of deciding for
> ourselves whether or not to ignore particular threads and O Tees?
> I'm way behind managing my e mail, but I don't expect the list to
> reconfigure itself to match my pace. I've already improved my computer
> skills meeting the challenge of keeping up. In my case this list only
> accounts for part of the volume of messages I'm getting. I will continue
> become more efficient at reading, sorting, filing and deleting mail and I
> may unsubscribe to this or that list, but I won't be complaining to any
> group about the state of my in box which I consider my responsibility to
> manage.
> Writing this gives me the shivers because I dread controversy, but I feel
> have to speak up in favor of retaining the freedom to mix personalities
> technical details. We are volunteers, not salaried, profit driven
> I was touched that listers took time to thank Melissa and wish her well
> show similar concern for others dealing with experiences from the tragic
> joyful.
> I will stay subscribed to this list because it teaches me so much that I
> need to learn, but I hope it will continue to demonstrate the value of the
> contributors as well as their contributions as it did when I joined a
> ago.
> Either way --- Always With Love,
> Lissi
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