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I always read through my scans, but as Evan pointed out, one can still miss 
errors. From the very beginning I have felt that quality is more important than 
quantity. I understand that many people did not renew their Bookshare 
subscriptions because the books had so many errors, and I have certainly found 
this to be the case. Now Bookshare is having to pay all over again to correct 
those books. We'll never produce the quality that NLS has but if both scanners 
and proofreaders read the book, this will come a long way to giving us the type 
of book that readers deserve. I wouldn't consider scanning a book without 
reading it. Jill 
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  That's exactly the kind of thing we're talking about. I think I'm going to 
take the time to read through my scans so that the best work can be submitted 
to the collection, in the event of that happening. 
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    As a matter of fact, I am new to scanning and so I am still unsure of 
myself. I made my first submission on January 4 and it is still sitting on the 
download list, but my second submission is now in the collection and it was the 
first of my submissions that was approved. I was excited about that because it 
came as a surprise. I had taken an evening to go out and when I checked my 
email the next morning I found out that the book which I had left the previous 
day on the download list had made it into the collection. As excited as I was, 
though, I still felt uneasy because the book was uploaded within about five 
minutes of its being downloaded. I am sure that any mistakes I made due to my 
newbie scanning skills are still there. 

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