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If you know the ins and outs of book-massage, I'll put a hold for you on 
whatever I submit.  There.  How's that.  The next up will be a BSO for Hrolf 
Kraki's Saga, Poul Anderson.

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  Gee, thanks a lot.  I guess those of us who don't ask for and get hold
  fors are just a bunch of careless slobs?  NOT!!!
  It's annoying to hunt through the list, and find hold for after hold for,
  and on books I would really be interested in working on, too.  But it
  appears some people have their own pet proofreaders, and the rest of us
  are just not worthy.

  I agree with the suggestion that the "hold for" should go away for a
  while.  If not 4 weeks, then how about 8?  I'm sure it would be too
  difficult for engineering to manage, but after a while, I'm highly tempted
  to just take the darned thing.  I've seen books sitting on the queue for
  quite a while with a hold for, when all along I would be happy to proof
  them.  But I forgot; I'm not worthy of such special books.

  > The point about contacting the person for whom the book is being held is a
  > good one. Last year, I had a Hold for up there for three weeks before I
  > found out about it because I don't check that list very often unless I'm
  > expecting something. I did know the book was coming, and had asked for it
  > to be held for me, but I didn't know exactly when it would be submitted. I
  > only learned of it because someone else, not the submitter, told me I had
  > a Hold for up there.
  > In general, I use Hold fors quite a lot because its the only way of
  > ensuring that a book will actually be proofread, not just passed through
  > to the admin queue with the bear minimum. Even if I read through something
  > I submit, someone else will always find something I missed in their read
  > through of the book. Then there are books that I scan that I do not choose
  > to read through. I absolutely want to ensure that those get at least one
  > read through before getting into the collection. Those are scanned to
  > order though, so that isn't a problem, and I always contact the
  > proofreader so the books get picked up, often within minutes.
  > I also get hold fors from others for the same reason. They trust me to
  > actually read through the book and make corrections. I still put books up
  > there without hold fors, but I often feel uncomfortable just submitting a
  > book and hoping for the best.
  > So for me and others that I know, the hold for has become the best kind of
  > quality assurance.
  > But there definitely needs to be good communication between the submitter
  > and the proofreader to make things work efficiently.
  > Evan
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  >   Hi Mickey. Over time, I am slowly shifting my point of view on the hold
  > for issue. It used to be that less than ten percent of books were hold
  > fors, and I was content with that level. I still think it has value and
  > is needed in instances like Marilyn's or when someone needs help with
  > fixing up recipes, charts, and such. I have seen it abused though, and
  > I'm beginning to think we're going overboard as a group. I don't mean
  > that any specific person is doing this. I think it's more of a group
  > drift. I was startled Sunday night when I discovered that the entire
  > first page of books were hold fors when I went to look at books. I have
  > mine set to 50, and I didn't find one single book on that page that
  > wasn't being held for someone. In fact, only 16 books from page 2 didn't
  > have holds. I don't mind it if a person is actively working on a project
  > or is taking the books to proofread on a consistent basis. I recognized
  > some of the names like Marilyn's and understand what's going on with her
  > holds. After some thought, I wrote to a few of the people with books
  > being held for them, and three of them didn't even know someone had
  > posted books for them.
  >   I don't have a great solution here. I'll bet we can come up with one
  > that works well, if not perfectly. I guess I would just ask people to
  > take a couple of very quick precautions. If a book is being held for you
  > and you find that you can't handle it, just post to the list. We
  > understand that life happens and would rather get the book proofread
  > than have you tied up in knots because you can't do it. If you are
  > someone who submits books with holds on them, I ask you to consider
  > doing two things. First, if your book is going to be held for someone,
  > please make a point of writing or calling them to let them know the book
  > is available once you submit it. Second, if your book has special needs
  > like recipes that need to be fixed, please note that in the comments.
  > That way, if your proofreader can't take on the book after some time,
  > Carrie could remove the hold with your permission and let another
  > qualified volunteer work on it. These things would keep communication
  > flowing for all of us. Maybe that would be enough to help us get back on
  > track with each other. What do you think?
  >   Monica Willyard
  >   "The best way to predict the future is to create it." -- Peter Drucker
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  >   Hi. I just went to get a book to validate, but I'm truly discouraged.
  > There are so many hold for books that I have the definite feeling that
  > only the ones nobody else wants are available. There are some people who
  > have 10 and 12 books waiting for them.
  >   I'm sorry, I'm just discouraged. Some of those books have been there for
  > a long time. Maybe if a book has been in the queue for two weeks, the
  > hold should be removed? Just a thought, and probably a very unpopular
  > one. <smile>
  >   Not trying to be destructive, only trying to get books out there.
  >   Mickey

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