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The best sellers do bypass the check out list, and I suppose any other special 
projects Carrie is working on. But every so often, Carrie used to just throw a 
bunch of books of various genres on the industrial scanner and send them up to 
be validated by whomever wanted to do them. Maybe she doesn't have as much time 
for that these days. But perhaps we'll see another  big helping of books sent 
up there some time in the not too distant future.


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  I thought that the books that are scanned in house bypassed the download 

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  Basically, I'm with Monica.  Most of the time I haven't commented on 
  this topic (which comes up every so often) because I could see good 
  arguments on both sides.  But, currently, I do think there are an 
  unusually large number of hold fors and not as much variety as usual in 
  what is available. 

  Maybe it is just one of those random things that occurs, and maybe 
  Carrie is too busy with all the other bookshare tasks she does to go out 
  browsing local used book stores for the large volume and variety she 
  generally feeds to the chopper and high speed scanner.

  But, I do have one suggestion (which was partly inspired by one of the 
  emails in this thread, so I'm not claiming I thought it up completely on 
  my own).  Perhaps people that send out books to be scanned by others 
  could ask the scanner to send them an email when the book has been 
  scanned.  Then the sender/proofreader can send an email saying yes, 
  upload it now, or no wait a while so I can clear out some other tasks 
  first.  Then when ready the proofreader can email, ok send it now.  In 
  other words, the books could be held for on the computer of the sender 
  instead of on the bookshare queue.  We who don't want to see them 
  because they are held for someone else, won't see them.  And the 
  overworked bookshare engineering staff won't have still yet more 
  requests for changes to the site.

  And maybe Carrie will tumble another forty mysteries, romances, 
  fantasies, suspenses, and who knows what else into the queue and this 
  book drought will all be a passing memory.

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